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How to Put in your Extension

It takes just seconds and you can put the extensions in any time you like. 

  1. Making sure the clear monofilament line, is on top and the wefts are on the bottom, place the Effortless Extensions on top of your head, above your ears, so that the wefts sit behind your ears.

    *To get the correct fit for your head, simply adjust the line further towards the front of your head or towards the back.*

  2. Using your fingers, pull the hair on the sides of your head, in front of your ears and behind, then around the back of your head, out and around the monofilament and hair extensions. Keep in mind, that the less hair you pull over your extensions, the better they look, and lay. You are looking to sandwich the extensions between your hair beneath, and over. We suggest pulling about a ¼ of your hair over.
  3. If you feel the extension is too low or too high on your ears (or if you feel the wefts are sitting too far off of your head) first try taking hold of the hair and pulling snugly downwards. If that doesn't fully fix your problem then try moving the plastic line further towards your forehead and then pulling down on your hair so it fits nice and snug.

    *For added security you may insert a bobby pin or two, depending on personal preference.*
  4. Using your fingers you will pull your hair on the top and sides of your head around and over the clear monofilament line, designed to disappear into your hair line.
  5. Comb and blend with your own hair!

If you want extra volume, you can wear two extensions at once.

We suggest a flare and a body wave together, but do what suits your style and hair type the best.
You put the first extension on and pull ½ your hair through.  You then put on the next extension and you pull another ¼ of the hair through.  Now you will have a lot of extra volume and a  beautiful style!

Styling Tips

How to style your Synthetic Extensions


  1. * Do not wear the extensions while you are curling them. It is best to place them on a mannequin head.
  2. Before curling each piece spray each strand of hair lightly with water.
  3. Use medium to high heat on your curling iron. The heat will not damage the extensions.
  4. Using about one inch thick pieces of hair curl up in curling iron and hold for 60 seconds.
  5. When you release the curl from the curling iron catch the curl in your hand and hold it in place until it has reached a cool temperature.
  6. Release curl and continue with rest of hair.

Flat Ironing
  1. Spray each piece of hair lightly with water before you flat iron.
  2. Put your flat iron on a high heat setting. The heat will not damage the extensions.
  3. Flat iron in one inch thick pieces.
  4. Move flat iron down the wefts of hair just a little bit slower than you would if you were flat ironing your own hair.

Synthetic hair has “memory” to it so to have your extensions go back to their original shape simply wash and dry them.

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