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Have you ever wanted thicker, longer or more luxurious hair? Our affordable hair extensions are a new and revolutionary way to have gorgeous hair in a matter of seconds.

Our extensions are easy to put on and take off. No Gluing. No Taping. No Clipping. And they will never damage your hair.

Whether you are looking for added length or added volume, these extensions are the perfect way to achieve celebrity style at an affordable price. Want even more volume?

You can purchase two extensions in your hair for a gorgeous, dramatic effect. All of our extensions can be curled, flat ironed, washed or dried. Our hair lasts much longer than other extensions sold on the market.! You would want to purchase the straight extensions if your hair is pin straight or if you wear your hair flat ironed a majority of the time.  These extensions lie very flat therefore you would want your straight hair to be able to blend with them.  These are a great option if you want more volume to your hair as well.   They can be curled so if you wanted to add a little texture to your hair you would be able to do so with these extensions.  They always go back to their original shape once washed and dried.

You can wash and dry our extensions. First, remove the extension by grasping the top of the line and pulling it out of your hair

Carefully brush and condition your extension to avoid tangling or damaging the strands. We include a double-loop brush, made specifically for extensions.

*Every extension ordered comes
with one of our easy to use hair brushes

Carefully store your extension on a mannequin head (sold at any beauty supply store) or in a box to help restore its shape and protect it from tangling.

How to match your color.

Make sure to choose the color that matches the tips of your hair.

Do not match the top of your hair but your tips.

Remember. The hair starts at the bottom of your neck so it needs to match the color of your hair at that part of your hair.

It takes just seconds and you can put the extensions in any time you like. 

  1. Take your extension and place the plastic line at top of your head approximately one inch from your hair line. 
  2. Make sure the plastic line is at the top and the wefts are in the back. 
  3. Let the hair extensions sit securely around the back of your head. 
  4. Once you have the correct placement you can pull out the hair around the plastic line making it invisible to the eye. 
  5. Once you have hidden the plastic line around your face area, simply pull out about ¼ to ½ of your own hair that sits above the wefts of hair on your extensions and have it lay on top of the extensions. 
  6. Use your fingers to blend your hair with the hair on the extensions. 


If you feel like your extensions need to fit more securely, simply add two bobby pins to each side once they are in place.  My Easy Extensions are a quick and simple way to transform your hair from short to long in minutes.
Picture of Natalie

If you have a bob it will be a little different. 

  1. Instead of pulling out ¼ to half your hair just pull out a small layer. 
  2. Then, flat iron your hair on top of the extensions to blend. 

If you want a lot of extra volume, you can wear two extensions at once.

- she is wearing two extensions in her hair
  We suggest a flare and a body wave together, but do what suits your style and hair type the best.
You put the first extension on and pull ½ your hair through.  You then put on the next extension and you pull another ¼ of the hair through.  Now you will have a lot of extra volume and a  beautiful style!

How to style your Synthetic Extensions


  1. 1. * Do not wear the extensions while you are curling them. It is best to place them on a mannequin head.
  2. 2. Before curling each piece spray each strand of hair lightly with water.
  3. 3. Use the highest heat on your curling iron. The hotter the better. The heat will not damage the extensions.
  4. 4. Using about one inch thick pieces of hair curl up in curling iron and hold for 60 seconds. (was it 45 or 60 seconds… can’t remember.)
  5. 5. When you release the curl from the curling iron catch the curl in your hand and hold it in place until it has reached a cool temperature.
  6. 6. Release curl and continue with rest of hair.

  7. *Please note: you do not want to be wearing the extensions because of the high heat and length of curl time the synthetic hair needs. If you curl your hair along with the synthetic hair you may damage it.
Flat Ironing
  1. 1. Spray each piece of hair lightly with water before you flat iron.
  2. 2. Put you flat iron on a medium-high setting.
  3. 3. Flat iron in one inch thick pieces.
  4. 4. Move flat iron down the wefts of hair just a little bit slower than you would if you were flat ironing your own hair.

Synthetic hair has “memory” to it so to have your extensions go back to their original shape simply wash and dry them.


Synthetic Hair Extensions

Synthetic hair is a great option for those who want to give extensions a try without committing to the price of human hair extensions that can go for over $400 on the market. Our synthetic extensions are one of the best on the market because they can be washed, dried and treated with heat tools. Most synthetic extensions will melt when coming in contact with heat. And if they are heat friendly, the heat tools can only go up to a certain degree. Our extension can be flat iron, curled or blow dried and will not melt. With our extensions, you don’t just have to go with one look. Play around with them, and then wash and dry and they will return to their original shape.

Synthetic hair is also a good option because it is not affected by the environment. It has “memory” technology which means that it will hold its shape or curl in cold weather, rain and humidity. If you want to make sure that your hair stays in place for an important event, such as your wedding or family photos, you won’t be disappointed with our extensions. They will hold up.


Money back guarantee - On our sinch fitting design of Hair Extensions only.

We believe our new sinch fitting design of extensions are the best on the market. We believe this so strongly that we offer a 14 day money back guarantee, this guarantee is good for color exchanges or returns on products. In order to qualify for Money back guarantee plastic packaging containing the product must remain UN-Opened, if plastic packaging is opened for any reason guarantee will become forfeit.

Find out what we already know, our extensions are the best!

14 days - amazing
SKU: 6082
Hair Type: Synthetic
Hair Style: Straight
Brand: Effortless Extensions - Original Design
Approx. Length: 16 inches from base of head
Approx. Weight: 7 oz
Heat Friendly: Curling Iron, Flat Iron, Blow Dry
(will not cause any damage)
Application Time: Less than 1 Minutes
Avg. Product Life: More than a Year
Color Treatment: You Cannot Color
Guarantee: No Warranty/Guarantee - No Refunds or Exchanges
unless product has a
manufacturing defect.

Anyone can use without practice or experience

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No Refunds or Exchnages
Unless Defect  

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